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Nikon 5200 notes

Had a mare of an experience with a 16GB memory card - so watch out for this. Emptied the card on a computer, and plugged it back in to the camera. Went on a shoot and after 15 mins (2.5GB) it was full. It also showed as full on the computer. But the original data had been deleted from Ubuntu's rubbish bin.

The only solution was to reformat the card in the camera. Suggestion: when deleting data, copy it off to a computer, but empty the card in the camera's trash bin. Or simply format the card. Either way, make sure it's showing as having the full card memory. Another suggestion: make sure you swap the card when camera is off.


1. Shutter speed of 1/50 - check this in bright sunlight, and what higher shutter speed doesn not look jerky? Do I need an ND filter? Can use a polarising filter to cut down exposure by 2 stops. Rotate it to remove effect of the polariser.

2. Settings: Dial down sharpening to 1 or 2

Dial down contrast to 0

3. To adjust the aperture - M setting, get out of live view, hold the aperture button (top right) and turn the wheel.

NB: Old (Nikon and 3rd party) lenses have aperture adjustment on the lens, allowing for adjustment in live view!

4. AUDIO should peak at 12 to avoid distortion (not much top therefore)

Manual sensitivity setting can peak at 12.

5. Manual movie settings should be ON.

6. Set for NTSC then choose 30p fps, then shutter speeds of 1/30 and 1/60 become standard. for re-conforming any 25 fps footage:

"If you create a 30fps sequence and just drop the 50fps footage in there, I believe premiere will just drop one out of every few frames in order to make it fit. Then you can conform the 25 footage to 30, which will result in a slight pitch shift in the audio, which can be easily compensated with Premiere's pitch shifter. I would make sure to keep all of the 25fps audio on its own track throughout the sequence, then you can just apply the pitch shifter to the audio track via the audio mixer."

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