The Beauty of Complexity

Here is a channel I put together of master of “neo-complexity” Brian Ferneyhough’s challenging work, a mixture of video live performances, audio recordings, and those so lovingly created versions with synchronised scores that make you realize that the internet is a better place than you even thought. If you don’t know Ferneyhough’s work, be prepared for extraordinary insrumental virtuosity and moments of unforgettable melodic beauty. Don’t believe the haters, who fill their empty spare time with barbed commenting about this being the music of a 1970s dead end. (I mean, I don’t care at all for the music of Arvo Part, but I don’t go around YouTube attacking it and its uploaders). This is music which shows there is still that old thing, an avant-garde, a cutting edge of music-making which searches out and finds sounds which are radically new. Modernism lives into the twenty-first century!


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