#Balcombe latest!


Local protester Rob occupies a fracking works truck at Balcombe, West Sussex. Hear his reasons for his acrtions below.

Rob D-locked himself to the truck, causing a four-hour road blockade outside the Cuadrilla fracking site. 30-40 police surrounded him, but for a long time only managed to capture a shoe.

Fellow community protectors have sent Rob bust cards (useful advice if he gets arrested) by small helicopter (video to follow).

Latest report and photos by visionOntv’s Hamish Campbell.


Rob was interviewed on two occasions, by visionOntv’s Richard Hering and D Murphy, before taking his direct action.




Prior to his action, Rob gave two interviews to visionOntv’s reporters Richard Hering and D Murphy, here and here.


Get all the latest video news about fracking protest: http://visionon.tv/grassroots



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