Reclaim the Media at Reclaim the Power

Get trained in smartphone video in Balcombe this weekend, with our unique templates.

We will be running a solar-powered media space at the action camp in Balcombe, West Sussex as part of Reclaim the Power! this weekend. And we will be there during the actions which follow (19-20 August).

Bring your smartphone and learn how to make rapid-turnaround video news, with interviews and everything. Get ahead of the traditional media, and tell your own story.

Call in for tea and ask us anything techie or whatever else about video news reporting on your smartphone.

Embed the FRACK OFF video player on your site or blog.

A previous visionOntv solar-powered TV studio at the Camp for Climate Action.

And finally, a really cute picture from the Balcombe camp…..

Make your own power! Be your own media!

(Photos by @HamishCampbell)


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