The BBC’s racism and what to do about it

Another outstanding example from the Radio 4’s Today programme this morning. A minor politician had made an overtly racist remark in an effort to gain primetime publicity for his extreme right-wing politics, and the presenter of the BBC‘s “flagship” morning news show spluttered the voice of white privilege: “”No one here finds it offensive. I found it quite amusing.”

Conclusions? Much twitter outrage is directed at the self-publicising politician, a delight for that disgusting person. Surely instead we should be focussed on the media cheerleaders. The BBC tacks ever more to the right since the Conservatives took power. Star presenter of the Today programme John Humphrys recently made a programme which so grotesquely misrepresented benefit claimants that his piss-poor Daily-Mail-style journalism was condemned by his own corporation’s Trust. The lesson of this for BBC monitors should not be that complaints work. Instead this reporter is seen by the BBC as the perfect “safe pair of hands” in the current times

So our outrage should not be focussed on “reforming” the corporate media, which is impossible. Instead, we should be devoting our social media energy towards promoting real, quality alternatives to their counter-factual right-wing bigotry. Can we do that, please?

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