Why I Hack the Media

My name is Richard, and I am a media hacker.

But what is a media hacker?

For me, it means three different things:

1. We try to build effective tools to make contemporary media more than the sum of its parts. (Right now it’s not even the sum of its parts.) No media project should be an island. We want to help buld a flow of content, with waves the producers can ride. Taking the tools that already exist, making them better, and and stitching them all together. Key-words: for the code, open industrial standards; no black boxes, no writing code from scratch; aggregation (“If I was to start a news organisation today, I would not be a producer, I would be an aggregator.” Clay Shirky); smart aggregation, being a golden ladle in the data soup; ethical aggregation, never re-posting, always linking to the published source. The producer of the film gets all the views.

2. Taking a sharp and shiny scimitar to the traditional media, hacking at it while it’s on its knees.

3. Producing a lot of films, but at the same time, still having a life. I used to be an investigative reporter for TV, and it could take me two years to make one half-hour film. And I didn’t have a life. Using visionOntv’s templates I can churn out reports, streaming the things that I do. Bish bash bosh.

Get a life, hack the media.

Beyond journalism!

visionOntv’s citizen journalism tools are not only useful for telling news stories. They may even improve your love life! (Published on Valentine’s Day 2012) Try out the templates!


Thanks to Takako Yamaguchi, Percy Bysshe Shelley and J.S.Bach



Activists from countries across the region took to a huge stage to share their stories of struggle and perseverance in the face of violent suppression. Speakers were there from Egypt, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Bahrain. The huge crowd was made up of trade unionists, students, Amnesty International supporters and other ordinary people from across the UK who gathered in a day of “solidarity and defiance”.

visionOntv interviewed the activists: