More Deaths Foretold

Similarities with Chico Mendes, but also with Martin Luther King.


I may not get there with you.

Quote Ze Claudio:

In 1995 I and Stuart Tanner spent a year in southern Para, the area Ze Claudio came from, making a film for Channel 4’s Dispatches. We were investigating the theft of timber from indigenous reserves for export to the UK. Six years later I was there again, filming the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST).

Landed oligarchy – remember how they expelled me but were unperturbed by the presence of a local TV crew. All it would take was one phone call to the local station for the item to be pulled. (I was grateful to this crew for rescuing me from the roadside).


An ear removed from both Ze and Maria – like the scalping of native Americans, and I recall that in the 1980s, the wife of one major landowner for sending on those ears to the families of the victims.

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